Fundador: Amadeo Campeny


Amadeo Campeny

"Our passion for liqueurs and our entrepreneurial spirit are our main guarantee for continuity in the sector. We love what we do and we enjoy offering the best quality products to all our customers."

Destilerías Campeny, S.A. was founded in 1970 by Amadeo Campeny i Pons, a Catalan entrepreneur who, with great dedication, effort and hope, has turned this company into one of the top leaders of the liqueur sector in Spain.

Since its outset, Destilerías Campeny has been committed to excellent quality in all its products and its eagerness to excel and drive for innovation, based on constant improvement on all levels has set it apart from the rest.

In recent years, Destilerías Campeny has shown special interest not only in competing on the national market, but also in international expansion, exporting its wide range of products to more than 15 countries.